Orley Supports & Services - Overview

Orley Services – Supports & Services is an NDIS registered provider. We are industry specialists offering a range of services for those in need of assistance. Being a small business, we take the time to get to know you, your needs and your goals. Our staff are qualified, competent, dedicated and ready to provide assistance tailored to meet your chosen needs.

Orley Services – Supports & Services aims: to support you in achieving your goals so that you can live a healthy, happy, fun-filled life as independently as possible.

We Value: Accountability, Empathy, Openness, Participation, Innovation, Quality, Inclusiveness, Honesty and Integrity.


Our Mission is to:

Respect and empower

Respect and empower people with a disability to engage in opportunities of their choice in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Be the first-choice service

Be the first-choice service for people living with a disability and/or mental health issues.

Support NDIS

Empower people with a disability to implement their NDIS plans to achieve their personal goals.

Improve people's lives

We aim to develop services to enhance your quality of life.

NDIS funds

NDIS funds can be used to access our services to deliver a number of supports, including:

Daily Living and Life Skill Development – helping you develop and maintain the skills you need to live independently or as independently as possible.
Daily Personal Activities - include helping you take care of your personal hygiene needs.
Group Based Activities - Life Skills and Schizophrenia Peer Support & Information Group.
Assistance with travel and transport, such as engaging in travel training to access transport by yourself and or transporting you to places you want or need to go.
Helping you with everyday household tasks – like cooking, cleaning, washing, gardening etc.
Helping with Daily tasks in a shared living accommodation setting.
Support Coordination – helping you manage your NDIS plan to ensure you have the supports and services you require. Orley Services also provides the Recovery Coach assistance for people who have a psychosocial disability.
Assistance with finding and maintaining accommodation includes assessment, case planning, practical one-on-one advice, liaising with service providers to assist you in applying for suitable rental accommodation, undertaking your tenancy obligations, and ensuring that you obtain or retain safe, appropriate accommodation.

Benefits of accessing Orley Services

Benefits of accessing Orley Services for your NDIS Supports and Services;