Service User Consent to Collect, Store and Disclose personal information

As a Service User of Orley Services we require you to provide us with your personal information so that we can provide the best possible service to you. Orley Services will only collect, store and disclose your personal information with your explicit consent.

You DO NOT have to consent to collecting, storing, or disclosing your information; however, service provision may be limited if consent is not provided. Nevertheless, Orley Services will still endeavour to provide the best possible service to you. Additionally, you can also withdraw consent either verbally or in writing at any stage of the supports and services process.


All information stored by Orley Services will be stored securely, including paper-based and electronic, and only necessary and relevant staff members will have access to service users’ personal information.

Please note, under certain circumstances, your personal information may be disclosed without your explicit consent. These circumstances are associated with legal, legislative or safety requirements. If a circumstance arises where we MUST disclose your information without your explicit consent, we will inform you and provide an explanation.

Orley Services collects and stores your information for the purpose of;

• organising, coordinating, delivering and being proactive in delivering supports and services,
• making and receiving appropriate referrals and appointments with and for you,
• clarifying information you may not understand without support worker assistance,
• providing and organising transportation for you,
• monitoring the service provisions delivered by Orley Services and other service providers,
• evaluating our service provision and delivery,
• administrative processes in operating Orley Services,
• billing activities, including compliance with the NDIS and Residential Services,
• complying with legislative or regulatory requirements,
• disclosure to other services involved in your care plans,
• research, quality assurance and advocacy activities to improve individual, community and Service Management (typically, this information does not identify you, if we are required to identify you, we will inform you prior to give you the opportunity to ‘opt out’ of any involvement),
• reporting purposes,
• participating in case planning and management,
• supporting you to achieve your goals,
• assisting you to complete administrative requirements including financial etc.,
• assisting you in emergency circumstances and situations
• keeping stakeholders, significant others, and necessary/relevant people up to date
• local publications, paper-based articles, advertising material, websites, television media and/or any other forms of media.